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Did you Hear What our Clients are Saying?

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Multiple surveys were conducted and the results are in. Here’s what clients, and the industry as a whole, are saying about Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories:

In our annual client survey, when considering responsiveness, communication, performance and deliverables, 95% of our clients said we meet or exceed expectations. And 93% indicated they would recommend us to a friend or colleague.

Third party surveys were conducted by three leading industry publications to evaluate how Eurofins Lancaster Labs is perceived by the industry and how we measure up against 11 of our toughest competitors in the marketplace. The combined results of these surveys revealed that Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories ranked #1 for technical expertise, meeting project deadlines, value of service and most preferred laboratory.

For three years in a row, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories has also ranked in the top 10% of companies evaluated for the annual CRO Awards, conducted by Nice Insight, in the categories of Quality, Reliability, Innovation and Productivity.