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Stuck on Instron

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by Chris Barnes, Group Leader/Scientist, Chemistry & Container Testing

It’s easy to go into your medicine cabinet and open an adhesive bandage or uncap a bottle without even thinking about how much testing goes into ensuring that those packages work the way they are supposed to work. Amazingly, how much force it takes to open these packages or to operate a device such as a syringe is evaluated through rigorous testing, primarily using equipment such as Instron universal testing systems.

Eurofins Medical Device Testing uses this equipment to perform such force testing services for both our pharmaceutical and medical device clients. We have several 3300 series Instron model force testers to perform various functionality tests so that drug and device manufacturers can be sure that their products function appropriately and are easy to use for their patients.

The Instron 3343 single-column table frame is extremely versatile. With the proper fixtures, many different types of mechanical tests can be performed, such as compression, peel force, and tensile strength testing. In addition, syringeability, break free, glide, and activation force of the needle safety guard for syringes are performed using this equipment. Extensive research and development goes into formulating pharmaceutical products and designing medical devices. Likewise, package development and engineering is an integral part of the overall product.

As part of our one-stop shop, we provide these force testing services along with the physiochemical testing associated with packaging and the full suite of finished product testing to provide the data that will gain regulatory and marketing approval of your product.