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The Stability Calendar

This exclusive feature allows you to view your stability studies in progress. Calendar items have detailed links to information posted; you can link to a sample number and see live data. Additionally, you can link to your overall protocol plan in our document control system, ensuring perfect synchronicity to your requirements and scientific procedures.

Exporting of Results enables you to view the results for multiple tests and download them as either a Microsoft Excel Workbook or a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. You can export your data to perform your own comparisons or to study trends. This feature is designed to give you the information necessary to look at your product performance over time and compare data sets to statistically evaluate data points.

Raw Data provides access to your raw data. You can view analysts’ notebooks, chromatograms, approved test results, Certificates of Analysis, raw data packages, and invoices.

Electronic Signatures

Certificates of Analysis contain our laboratory’s QA release electronic signature.