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Cell Bank Preparation and Storage

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Cell Banking

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories offers expert capabilities for the preparation and characterization of a wide variety of mammalian and insect cell banks. We offer GMP production master and working cell banks, GMP non-production master and working cell banks and R&D cell banks, as well as banking for end of production cells upon request. We perform all GMP production cell banking in our Grade A/B or ISO 5/7 clean room suites, in accordance with EMA and or FDA requirements, and prepare all other banks in clean cell culture labs where no work with adventitious agents occurs.

Why Choose Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories?

  • Our cell banking capabilities and comprehensive characterization services provide you with a single-source solution for all of your cell line needs.
  • Our cell banking experts have over 50 years of combined experience offering constant oversight and monitoring, as well as continual troubleshooting and status updates during expansion.
  • We offer long-term storage options with ample capacity for LN2 Vapor Phase.

Services Available

Cell Bank Characterization

  • Identification
  • Microbial
  • Adventitious Viruses
    • In vitro viral testing
    • In vivo viral testing (subcontracted to an approved vendor)
  • Specific Viruses
    • Bovine Viruses
    • Porcine Viruses
    • qPCR Specific Viruses
      • Full Human Panel
      • Simian Panel
    • Rodent Viruses (MAP, HAP, RAP)
  • Retroviruses
    • XC Assay for Ecotropic Retroviruses
    • S+L- Assay for Xenotropic Retroviruses
    • Electron Microscopy for Evaluation of Cell Banks and Culture Harvests
    • Co-Cultivation
    • PERT
  • Stability
    • Copy number by qPCR
    • Restriction enzyme digestion mapping using Southern and Northern Blot method
    • GMP DNA Sequencing

Cell Bank Preparation

  • Preparation of mammalian cGMP master and working cell banks
  • Preparation of non-production and research banks

Cell Bank Storage

In addition to LN2 cryogenic freezers dedicated to cell banking production and short-term storage, we also have additional LN2 vapor phase storage capacity for long-term cell bank storage, including LN2 Cryogenic Freezers that are:

  • Housed in secured areas
  • Continuously monitored by our validated monitoring systems
  • Equipped with redundant controls, 24-hour monitoring and back-up generators
  • Supported by a fully-validated computerized stability laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Facilities and Instrumentation

  • Grade A/B Cell Banking Suites (one AOF)
  • ISO 5/7 Clean Rooms (both non-AOF)
  • BSL2 Cell Culture Laboratory
  • Qualified Controlled Rate Freezers
  • Qualified CO2 Incubators
  • Automated Cell Counting (Vi-Cell™)
  • LN2 Cryogenic Freezers

Cell Banking Resources

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories offers specialized project planning and sample submission tools specifically designed for Cell Banking projects. To have us characterize a cell bank that you already have prepared, please complete the Cell Line Characterization Instructions form. To initiate a cell banking preparation project with us, please complete the Cell Banking Information form. This information will allow us to quote the project and help us to characterize and/or prepare your cell bank according to your project needs.

To submit vials for cell bank preparation and/or characterization, please download our Cell Banking Sample Submission form to your computer, fill out the form and e-mail it to the cell banking project manager, Corinne Smoker at Please also include a copy of the form with your samples. 

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