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About PSS

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Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Professional Scientific Services® (PSS) is a global, award-winning insourcing solution that places our people at your site dedicated to running and managing your laboratory services while eliminating headcount, co-employment and project-management worries.

Currently providing services in over 15 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, PSS also solves the challenges associated with the EU Temporary Agency’s Workers Directive 2008/104.

Do you have the workload but not the workforce?

Typically, bio/pharmaceutical companies use two types of staff—either their own employees or a temporary workforce. In today’s economic environment, fewer firms are adding employees to their payroll and instead are turning to temporary workers to meet their expanded workloads; however, temporary staffing solutions pose a magnitude of challenges for the end user, including:

  • Companies using temporary workers face many restrictions to avoid coemployment concerns, including turnover and continual training.
  • Strict IRS guidelines, such as the 20 Factor Test, are used to determine whether or not a contingent worker should really be considered an employee.
  • European regulations, such as the EU Temporary Agency’s Workers Directive 2008/104, enforce equal treatment of permanent and agency workers in respect to working time, pay and other employment rights.
  • Temporary staffing does not work for long-term needs, as there is typically a maximum timeframe of five years for temporary employees

How we can help

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Professional Scientific Services (PSS) provides insourcing solutions specifically designed to give you laboratory services support with flexible timeframes and no worries about co-employment and other regulatory concerns, at lower costs than fixed headcounts.

We infuse our more than 55-year track record of scientific and laboratory operations expertise, as well as HR and great place to work best practices, to recruit, hire, train and manage highly qualified scientists to perform laboratory services at your site, using your quality systems and equipment. Our teams will even help you set up your laboratory and validate equipment according to your SOPs and Lean laboratory practices as needed.

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Professional Scientific Services employs and manages full-time employees and provides a comprehensive benefits package, as well as training, development and career advancement opportunities. Offering these additional benefits allows us to attract, retain and motivate high-caliber employees to serve you. We guarantee our model and indemnify clients from co-employment under our practices. Our on-site dedicated leaders manage our full-time employees and provide you with scientific insourced services free from co-employment.

Our PSS program including onsite management, can accommodate groups of any size and we adjust the length of term to meet your needs. With our model, you typically contract with us for one to five years, but the term of service can last as long as needed.

Why Choose Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories PSS?

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Professional Scientific Services has offered this insourcing model for more than 15 years, and our insourcing partnerships have grown to more than 1,500 employees, serving customers at more than 70 different sites worldwide. This program offers significant benefits, including:

  • Provides in-sourcing services managed with our technical expertise.

  • Solves potential co-employment issues associated with hiring traditional temporary staff.

  • Costs you less than your own full-time employees.

  • Avoids the turnover rate that traditional temporary staffing programs face by offering employees benefits, great place to work practices, and a more long-term employment opportunity.

  • Provides you with the security of keeping your projects in your facility.

  • Gives you a detailed scope of the effectiveness of the insourcing program through performance management metrics.

  • Offers you a contingency plan for emergency situations. If facility issues prevent on-site testing, work can be transferred to our laboratory facilities, and our personnel can be trained to provide emergency manpower.

  • Provides a resource for technical expertise and support through laboratory staff at our facilities.