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Eurofins Calscience

Eurofins Calscience has been providing quality analytical services to consultants, private industry and government agencies since 1986.

Our facilitiesinstrumentation and staff have continued to expand over the years, adding capabilities and capacity to meet the demands of our clients and new regulatory drivers. We are a full-service environmental testing company, offering analysis of groundwatersea water, sediment, storm water, soilhazardous waste, tissue and vapor/ambient air. Eurofins Calscience maintains state-of-the-art instrumentation systems for all operations.

Our Vision

Eurofins Calscience is dedicated to providing our clientele a competitive advantage by the routine provision of litigation quality analytical data. Achievement is attained through a continual process of quality improvement and advancement in all areas of our performance.

Eurofins Calscience focuses on servicing the environmental engineering community, not only to provide reliable data, but to help our customers meet their goals in terms of project profitability and timely completion. Our customers know that Eurofins Calscience, more than any other laboratory, will allow them to run their projects more efficiently, save labor hours and provide data and information when they need it and how they need it. Stability, integrity and service; these are but a few of the reasons Eurofins Calscience is valued by our clients and why they keep coming back.

Services: Air, Groundwater, Soil & Sediment, Wastewater & Hazardous Waste

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