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Nathan Lemp, PhD, Histocompatibility Laboratory Director - Los Angeles

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Dr. Lemp received his PhD in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology from the University of California, Los Angeles, studying in the laboratory of Dr. Kasahara, where one of his main projects involved CIRM-funded collaborative research between Dr. Cicciarelli and Dr. Kasahara on a novel approach to genetically engineer allogeneic cells for allele-specific knockdown of mismatched HLA, in order to reduce immunogenicity and enhance histocompatibility. Dr. Lemp received his post-doctoral training at the NIT Immunogenetics Laboratory, where he conducted both clinical testing and basic research regarding histocompatibility and ex vivo modification of organs for transplantation. Dr. Lemp received board certification from ABHI in 2015 and ASHI approval as an HLA Director in 2016.

Email Contact: nathanlemp@vrl-eurofins.com