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VRL-Eurofins offers multiple custom logistic solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. VRL-Eurofins can provide numerous vendors to choose from to match the best service level for each shipping location. Have your own favorite courier? VRL-Eurofins will establish transportation protocols with each client’s courier of choice.

Federal Express Tracking

Global First Logistics

Quick International Courier Tracking

Exempt Human Specimen (EHS)

Due to the fact that VRL-Eurofins performs testing to screen for infectious agents and not to diagnose disease states, samples can be shipped as an Exempt Human Specimen. This status allows for samples to be transported via a larger number of air carriers. Exempt Human Specimen labeling should appear on the outer carton of all packages inbound to VRL-Eurofins. For more questions regarding proper package labeling, please contact Specimen Logistics.