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Bacterial/Fungal/Yeast Identification

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VRL-Eurofins utilizes matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization – Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry instruments as the primary means of microorganism identification. The instruments identify approximately 80% of the bacterial isolates recovered or received by the laboratory. VITEK-2 instruments as well as rapid identification panels are also used for supplemental testing as companion testing to the MALDI-TOFs, as needed. In addition to our two (2) MALDI-TOF and Vitek-2 instruments, VRL-Eurofins utilizes traditional biochemical methods to supplement microorganism identifications. Sequencing can also be performed at request by Eurofins Lancaster laboratories. The critical factor in offering these identifications is the competency and experience of the microbiologist.  VRL-Eurofins microbiologists have years of experience in the culture and identification of organisms recovered from HCT/Ps and from the environment.