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Detergents and Cleaning Products Testing

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Legislation on detergents covers the manufacture, sale and use of detergents. If you are responsible for placing a detergent, or a surfactant for a detergent on the market then you must comply with certain regulations and standards.

Eurofins Product Testing has a wealth of services to call upon to support the research and development and quality control of detergents and cleaning products.

Our customers are able to bring their products to the marketplace, confident in the knowledge that they have met safety and compliance regulation.

  • Chemical analysis for surfactants, enzymes and other active ingredients, contaminants, controlled substances, etc
  • Physico-chemical testing i.e. Density, viscosity, foaming power, etc.
  • Biodegradeability
  • Ecotoxicity & Toxicology
  • Microbiological counts, ID, challenge tests, etc.
  • Biocidal efficacy - bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, etc.
  • A wide range of performance and claim support tests, on Laundry products, Washing Up Liquids, Automatic dishwasher products, household cleaners, toilet products, etc.

At Eurofins we offer detergents and cleaning product testing for a number of products including:

  • Washing up liquid testing
  • Automatic dishwasher product testing
  • Laundry detergent testing
  • Fabric softener testing
  • All-purpose cleaner testing
  • Kitchen cleaner testing
  • Bathroom cleaner testing
  • Testing of glass cleaner - trigger
  • Testing of glass cleaner wipes
  • Toilet cleaner testing
  • Liquid toilet rim block testing
  • Solid toilet rim block testing
  • In-cistern toilet block testing
  • Bleach testing
  • Air freshener testing
  • Furniture polish testing