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Emergency Response

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When an untimely disaster strikes—whether caused by human error or Mother Nature—Eurofins Emergency Response can solve your most daunting environmental testing challenges.

By dialing 717-415-1734, you’ll immediately be connected with a member of our expert Disaster Response Team who can deliver sample containers, emergency laboratory testing, online reports and electronic data deliverables.

Our team of highly trained personnel, electronic data reporting capabilities, and extensive resources, coupled with the capacity for large volume projects are all unique strengths and make Eurofins the single choice for emergency response testing support.

For soil, water and air, we are the industry’s first choice in environmental testing support of stray gas, petroleum spill, pipeline leak or natural disaster concerns.

Why Choose Eurofins?

  • Our exceptional emergency response capabilities are very broad and far reaching with the ability to respond immediately to emergency situations and operate fully on a 24/7 timeline, including weekends and holidays.
  • Our analytical capabilities, experienced personnel, breadth of services and storage capacity are unmatched in the industry.

Case Studies

When a client is in the midst of an unfortunate disaster, they need a reliable laboratory to turn to who can deliver legally defensible data in an excruciatingly tight timeline. Here are some examples of how we have helped clients through these complex and stressful times:

Eurofins Emergency Response

Case Study #1: A large petroleum company had a pipeline burst. Public exposure was high and tremendous pressure for fast, accurate, data was essential. As a result of the potential impact to the public, the analytical results for this project had to be provided within 24 hours on samples that were collected daily. We mobilized all areas of the laboratory immediately. In this case however, the customer had no time to set up an account with an air carrier. We provided our air account and filled out all the paperwork for the customer to get their samples back to the lab right away. We seamlessly handled all aspects of this extremely complex and time sensitive project working over several holidays during the course of this project and reporting project results 7 days per week.

Case Study #2: A large petroleum company encountered a complex, emergency response need after an explosion. The public exposure on this project was also high, and the analysis required was extremely complicated. The customer was under pressure to act fast and maintain the highest level of data defensibility. We immediately responded and mobilized all areas of the lab to meet each requirement of the project. We rapidly and accurately developed methodology to meet the complex testing requirements of the project and established offsite pack and ship centers that handled multiple sampling events. Many times, the individual sampling events included more than 100 samples. Samples began to arrive daily at all hours of the day and night, seven days a week. Our Shipping Department quickly developed a Courier Team in response to the need. The development of work cells within the laboratory effectively handled each portion of the internal process. Daily huddle meetings were held, allowing staff to discuss and immediately respond to any issues that were identified with communication between all laboratory staff highly coordinated. This allowed for immediate and accurate communications back to the customer with customized, error free, electronic deliverable packages that were streaming back to the customer daily. After, six months and approximately 8,000 samples, the project was nearly completed. Due to the potential future litigation concerning this project, our final responsibility was to pack and ship approximately 36,000 sample containers back to the customer. Our long-term storage capacity and ability to maintain temperature and custody controls over a large volume of samples played a significant role in the overall success of the project.

Case Study #3: A chemical spill occurred into a West Virginia river that was the drinking water supply for nearby residents. After initial testing performed by other laboratories failed to detect the chemical despite the presence of a chemical odor, local Government agencies sought further assistance to test the drinking water in order to ensure safety for its residents.
Eurofins participated in a pilot study to assess the impact on nearby homes. Because the chemical being assessed is is not a standard environmental contaminant, we had to develop a method to ensure the testing was rugged, precise and consistent at low limits. We developed and refined the method over several days and completed testing for the pilot program, which consisted of over 150 samples, to assess drinking water in 10 homes over five days.

The results of our testing showed a lower reporting limit and more rugged results than any other laboratory. As a result of our work and our expertise in testing, data evaluation and data integrity, Eurofins was selected to be a member of a prestigious team of experts formed to evaluate odor threshold and health effects. As a part of this team, we are able to support ongoing investigation efforts for the contamination.

Just a phone call away, (717-415-1734) let Eurofins eliminate your disaster testing worries.