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Eurofins is here for you.

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When disaster strikes and the urgency of readiness and response is of the utmost concern, Eurofins Environment Testing US laboratories are ready to help with your analytical testing needs from the start, helping to ensure your safety and protection against environmental contaminants.

With representatives and courier service available for you to rely on, along with a highly trained and experienced emergency response team available 24/7 to deliver sample containers, emergency laboratory testing, online reports and electronic data deliverables, Eurofins Environment Testing US laboratories are the industry’s first choice in the environmental testing support of air, water, soil, sediment and specialty analysis testing in response to natural disaster concerns.

Why Choose Eurofins Environment Testing US?

  • Capacity and Capabilities – with extensive laboratory space and an ever-increasing staff, we can provide 24/7 analysis support for all of your projects in our Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental facility where all analytical testing services are performed under one roof.

  • Reliability and Experience – with more than 50 years of testing experience and extensive accreditations, we provide our clients with consistent performance and the ability to offer the broadest range of analytical methods.

  • Quality – our commitment to quality provides you with the highest level of legally defensible data available in the market to protect your reputation and provide you with the data confidence you need.

  • Service – with a dedicated project manager as your single point of contact, you will receive consistent and responsive communication and coordination of your standard and emergency projects. With a full courier service, we will pick-up your samples on-time, ensure they are packaged properly and ship them directly to our facilities.

  • Accessibility – we provide 24/7 access to your account through our comprehensive online data management tool, myEOL.

Our team of highly trained personnel, electronic data reporting capabilities and extensive resources, coupled with the capacity for large volume projects, are all unique strengths and make Eurofins Environment Testing US laboratories the best choice for your emergency response testing support.

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