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Data Management

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Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs)

Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) are generated with software that allows the laboratory to create EDDs in many standard and complex formats. As a result, the laboratory can generate EDDs in hundreds of industry and client specific formats including the Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD), ERPIMS, JEMS, IRDMIS and COELT.

Electronic Comprehensive Validation Package (eCVP)

Eurofins Air Toxics provides the convenience of an electronic comprehensive validation package which meets the requirements of a Level IV and CLP-like data validation package. Documentation is extracted directly from the systems that create and store the data, and the package is generated in the Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf format. Hot links in the Table of Contents allow for easy navigation to the desired section.

Online Data Access

We are committed to extending our services to your desktop, saving you time and money. As part of our standard product offerings, your data is accessible 24/7 via a secure internet browser. Complete access to your results includes:

  • Sample Receipt Notifications
  • Chain-of-Custody (COC) Form
  • Final Data Report
  • eCVP
  • EDDs
  • Invoices