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Eurofins Air Toxics is the global expert in air and vapor analysis, providing on-time and reliable results at competitive prices. With the one of largest inventories of Summa canisters and sorbent media, state-of-the-art analytical equipment, streamlined quality-based operations, and a team of experienced production chemists and project managers, Eurofins Air Toxics is your air testing solution. Our standard services include air methods to support routine monitoring programs as well as customized solutions to meet challenging risk-based screening levels and compounds of concern. Our systems are designed to meet a wide range of project requirements and difficult sample matrices, making “special” requests part of our routine operations.

In our role as industry leaders, we are continually expanding our standard services to meet evolving industry needs. As an example, our standard offerings now cover a comprehensive list of passive sorbent sampling techniques including the newly released EPA Method 325 to support ambient fence-line monitoring programs.

Additionally, Eurofins Air Toxics recently expanded our EPA TO-15 product line to meet the requirements of on-going ambient monitoring programs in Texas and Louisiana. This extended TO-15 list includes 170 calibrated compounds encompassing many of the hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) as well as a range of hydrocarbons. The TO-15 method has been enhanced to allow for the measurement of the highly volatile VOCs such as acetylene and ethylene, compounds typically not trapped on the TO-15 concentrator.