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Method Development

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undefinedNot every project falls under the umbrella of the standard environmental methodology. The Eurofins Air Toxics team continues to invest significant resources in evaluating the performance of passive sorbent samplers for long-term environmental monitoring. Not only have we conducted internal studies, we have partnered with clients and also participated in EPA and DoD-funded studies to investigate advantages and limitations of various passive sampler configurations for VOC and SVOC measurements. The laboratory maintains a set of environmental chambers to generate VOC-specific sampling rates to support the passive sampler methods.

In addition to developing passive sorbent sampling solutions, the Eurofins Air Toxics team has developed and validated custom methods to meet project specific objectives.  Examples of recent methods are listed below:

  • Measurement of pptv levels of methoxypyrazine compounds in indoor air using a sorbent-based method

  • Determination of trace levels of Chlordane Pesticides and Aroclors in soil vapor using a sorbent-based method

  • Identification of odor-causing VOCs from waste-water and process streams

  • Measurement of Hexachlorocyclopentadiene in soil vapor

  • Determination of VOCs and SVOCs emissions from materials at elevated temperatures using micro-scale chambers