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Why Eurofins ANA Laboratories

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Founded in 1973, Eurofins ANA Laboratories was one of the first oil analysis companies in US. With virtually no turnover among our technical staff, we have over 160 years of collective academic and professional experience.

Fast turnaround

We typically process samples in 24–48 hours, and we provide same–day service on “rush” jobs. Your results are available immediately on our secure, password–protected website.

Competitive pricing

Nobody consistently offers lower prices than we do. Period. We win over 60% of all competitive bids, and almost 75% of transit contracts. 

National presence

We operate 3 full–service labs strategically located across the US –– in Bellmawr (NJ), Chicago, Spokane  –– and maintain facilities on–site at Norfolk Southern, ConocoPhillips, and New Jersey Transit. 

Independent results

We are a nationally accredited laboratory with no competing or conflicting commercial interests. We do not buy, sell, distribute, produce, process, refine, or treat any of the products we test and analyze. Our analysis is based on scientific evidence rather than business considerations, and our advice is completely objective, unbiased and confidential. 

Excellent service

Our services are available across the country and around the clock. We are open for business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When you call us, you reach a person, not a machine. We accept all major credit cards. 

#1 in Transit

Eurofins ANA Laboratories is by far the #1 oil analysis lab for transit agencies in the US. We are the trusted vendor of choice for over 75 of the largest transit agencies nationwide, including New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Columbus, Baltimore, Cleveland, Kansas City, Atlanta, Honolulu, Miami, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and over 60 more.