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Oil Analysis Benefits

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One of our corporate customers – a Fortune 100 company with a large fleet of trucks – conducted an extensive study of their ANA Laboratories Oil Analysis Program. Their objective was to evaluate the economic impact of the program on their vehicle repair costs. Specifically, the company examined the cost of their oil analysis program across seven fleet maintenance centers nationwide, and then compared those costs to the estimated savings on the cost of repairs identified through the program. The results of the study are summarized in the chart below. The company saved over $300,000 over the course of almost 6,000 samples – a return of over $50 per sample. Further, the company concluded that this return was a very conservative estimate, since the study did not consider the savings from vehicle down–time, maintenance expenses, equipment replacement costs, fuel and oil usage, and increased efficiency throughout their supply chain.


Fleet Site Samples Alerts Alert % of Samples Saves Est. Savings $Return Per Sample
1 2,700 180 6% 24 $119,300 $45.00
2 384 76 15% 68 $19,000 $49.47
3 541 85 15% 15 $53,900 $99.63
4 222 41 18% 3 $8,500 $38.28
5 176 28 15% 7 $19,500 $113.00
6 434 133 30% 10 $40,000 $92.16
7 1,431 372 25% 13 $44,250 $30.92
  5,888 915 16% 140 $304,450 $51.71

Listed below is a summary of other benefits resulting from a comprehensive oil analysis program.

  • Oil change intervals can be reduced by 20% by not discarding oil that still has useful life.
  • Help with fleet management to schedule maintenance repairs and avoid downtime.
  • Better manage budgets by forecasting the cost of repairs.
  • Develop a complete profile and history of each truck to help with evaluating performance, and planning replacement purchases.
  • Monitor maintenance schedules and practices to verify that maintenance is being done and more importantly being done on time.
This is only an overview of the cost–effective impact of oil analysis as part of any comprehensive fleet maintenance program. ANA Laboratories can assist in implementing a fluid analysis program and with training your fleet maintenance personnel to help assure the success of the program.

We look forward to the opportunity of providing this valuable maintenance tool.