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Sampling Intervals

New customers usually ask: How often should I take samples?

We recommend taking samples from your transportation, industrial and marine equipment at the following intervals, but we will work with you to develop a sampling regimen that is right for you.
For over three decades, Eurofins ANA Laboratories has been helping corporate, government and military customers make the most of their equipment.

Equipment Interval
  Hours Miles
Diesel Engines 150 10,000
Gasoline Engines 100 5,000
Transmissions 300 20,000
Gears, Final Drives 300 20,000
Hydraulics 300 20,000

Industrial & Marine
Equipment Interval
  Normal Intermittent
Diesel Engines 500 hours or monthly Quarterly
Natural Gas Engines 500 hours or monthly Quarterly
Gas Turbines 500 hours or monthly Quarterly
Air ⁄ Gas Compressors 500 hours or monthly Quarterly
Steam Turbines Bi–monthly Quarterly
Gears & Bearings Bi–monthly Quarterly
Refrigeration Compressors Start of season, midpoint of season & end of season