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Bio-Blend Packages (B1 - B20)

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Biodiesel Blend Packages - Testing B1-B20 By EMA Specifications

The de facto standard specification for biodiesel/petrodiesel blends was developed by the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) in May 2006 to identify a standard blend fuel with consistent properties suitable for use in testing and evaluation. The EMA defines blend fuel is defined as a blend of: (1) petroleum diesel fuel meeting ASTM D975, and (2) biodiesel fuel (B100) meeting either ASTM D6751 or EN14214, where the biodiesel content of the blended fuel is no more than 20% biodiesel by volume (B20).

This specification is comprised of 19 tests. These tests define the required properties of biodiesel fuel at the time and place of delivery.

Eurofins ANA Laboratories offers two testing packages to enable biodiesel blenders, distributors and users to show that their product meets these industry standards.

Premium Biodiesel Blend Package

Our premium package is designed to ensure strict compliance with the EMA specifications. Strict compliance is achieved by performing all 19 tests exactly as specified. This package also enables blenders, distributors and users to evaluate their product for sale or use.

      D1 Blends D2 Blends
Flash Point (Pensky-Martens) ASTM D93 ° Celsius 38 min. 52 min.
Water and Sediment ASTM D2709 or ASTM D1796 % Volume 0.05 max. 0.05 max.
Physical Distillation, T90 ASTM D86 ° Celsius 343 max. 343 max.
Viscosity, Kinematic @ 40° C. ASTM D445 Centistokes 1.3 ˜ 4.1 1.9 ˜ 4.1
Ash Content ASTM D482 % Mass 0.01 max. 0.01 max.
Sulfur Content   % Weight Per regulation Per regulation
Copper Strip Corrosion Rating ASTM D130   43 min. 43 min.
Cetane Number ASTM D613   #3 max. #3 max.
Cloud Point (1) ASTM D2500   See footnote See footnote
Ramsbottom Carbon Residue on 10% distillation residue ASTM D524 % Weight 0.15 max. 0.35 max.
Lubricity by HFRR @ 60° C. ASTM D6079 Microns 460 max. 40 max.
Acid Number ASTM D553 mg KOH ⁄ g 0.3 max. 0.3 max.
Phosphorous ASTM 4951 % Weight 0.001 max. 0.001 max.
Total Glycerin ASTM 6584 % Weight ––– –––
Alkali Metals (Na + K) EN14108 PPM Nd Nd
Alkaline Metals (Mg + Ca) EN14108 PPM Nd Nd
Blend Fraction (2) EN14078 % Volume +⁄– 2% +⁄– 2%
Thermo–Oxidative Stability, Insolubles ASTM D2274 (modified) (3) mg ⁄ 100 mL 10 max. 10 max.
Oxidation Stability,Induction Time (Rancimat) EN14112 Hours 6 min. 6 min.