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Data Management

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Eurofins Calscience has developed systems and tools that optimize data quality, laboratory productivity and enhance the quality of our client services. The extensive capabilities of our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in conjunction with our E-Business services allow Eurofins Calscience to manage data effectively, deliver a variety of data deliverables and provide a strategic advantage to our clients in managing their projects.


To meet the specific project needs of our clients, Eurofins Calscience can provide several levels of data deliverable packages, from our standard report to full validation packages. The analytical results and all related QC data, if requested, can be supplied in the format of hard copy reports, EDD files, or Adobe PDF files, and delivered through postal mail, fax, e-mail, or Internet.

Eurofins Calscience routinely provides a Level II QC data package with analytical reports. For projects that require validation, Eurofins Calscience can provide a Level III QC data package. Our customary QC data packages include:

Level I/II QC Data Package

Level III Full Validation QC Data Package

  • Analytical Report
  • Chain of Custody (COC) Form
  • Method Blank (MB) Results
  • Matrix Spike and Matrix Spike Duplicate (MS/MSD) Summary
  • Reporting Limits (RL)
  • Laboratory Control Samples (LCS)
  • Surrogate Recoveries
  • Case Narrative, upon request or if applicable
  • Corrective Action Reports, if applicable

All requirements of Level I and Level II plus the following where applicable:

  • Client/Laboratory Sample ID Cross Reference List
  • Preparation and Run Logs
  • Initial Calibration (ICAL) Standards
  • Initial Calibration Blank (ICB)
  • Initial Calibration Verification (ICV) Standards
  • Continuing Calibration Blanks (CCB)
  • Continuing Calibration Verification (CCV) Standards
  • Interference Check Samples
  • Dilution Check Samples
  • Post Digestion Spike Analyses
  • Sample Chromatograms
  • Tune Results with BFB or DFTPP for GC/MS Analyses
  • System Performance Check Compound (SPCC) and Calibration Check Compound (CCC) Results
  • Internal Standard Summaries

An additional fee applies to Level III QC Data Deliverables.


Eurofins Calscience EDDs allow clients to populate their internal spreadsheets and databases. EDD eliminates data entry for our clients. It also saves time and money. Data is pulled from the same source as our hard-copy reports to ensure continuity between the hard copy and the electronic version of the data. The standard EDD is generated using Java applications with further customization using Excel or Access database to meet specific user requirements.

Eurofins Calscience can generate more than sixty predefined formats of EDDs including COELT (Geotracker), EquIS, GIS/Key, ADR, NEDD, SEDD and Locus EIM. For a nominal fee, customized formats can be created. EDD files can be provided on CD or delivered via e-mail.


Eurofins Calscience has developed a sophisticated LIMS that provides support for our business operations. Eurofins Calscience's LIMS is based on Microsoft SQL database engine with both Microsoft Windows and browser based client supports. Our LIMS provides us with a powerful tool that provides the platform for these major functions:

  • Client Management
  • Contracts and Quotation Tracking
  • Sample Management
  • Sample Preparation and Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Report Generation
  • Electronic Deliverable Data (EDD) Generation
  • Invoicing
  • Quality Assurance and Control Management
  • Internet Services

For all GC, GC/MS, IC, HPLC, LC/MS/MS, ICP-AES, ICP-MS, and FLAA instruments, chemists can upload the analysis data directly from the instrument generated metadata into the LIMS, eliminating the possibility of transcription errors. Inorganic data is manually entered into the LIMS, with no further transcription. 

Data Access

Eurofins Calscience has developed a secure Internet service to distribute reports. Project Managers at Eurofins Calscience will assign a user ID and initial password to each client contact that has a need to download reports from the Internet. Reports will be compiled and assigned to the proper client contact(s) based on individual project requirements.

Once a Project Manager reviews and approves the final report, client contact(s) will be notified through phone or e-mail. Authorized client contact(s) can then login to the Internet application and retrieve reports without any delay.