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The breadth and quantity of Eurofins Calscience's instrumentation are almost unparalleled as a single location environmental laboratory. With Eurofins Calscience's extensive instrumentation inventory, in excess of 30,000 individual analyses per month can be performed. Our inventory includes:


Instrument Group # of
GC/MS Volatiles 26 8260B (VOCs), 8260 SIM
GM/MS Volatiles (AIR) 12 TO-3M, TO-4, TO-13, TO-14A,
TO-15, TO-15 SIM, TO-17
GC Volatiles 14 8015 (TPH), 8021 (BTEX)
GC Volatiles (AIR) 10 RSK-175, EPA 16-H2S, EPA 3C (M),
TO-3 (M), ASTM D1946 (M), ASTM D2820 (M),
SCAQMD 25.1 (M)
GC/MS Semivolatiles 16 8270C (Full Scan, PAHs and SIM), 1625 (NDMA)
GC Semivolatiles (TPH) 11 8015 (TPH), 8015 (Alcohols)
GC Semivolatiles 12 8081 (OC PEST), 8082 (PCBs),
8151 (HERB), 8141 (OP PEST)
HPLC Semivolatimes 4 8310 (PAHs), 8330 (Energetics)
ICP & ICP/MS Metals 5 6010B, 200.7, 6020, 200.8
Mercury Analyzers 3 245.1, 7470, 7471
Ion Chromatography 10 300.0 (Anions), 314 (Perchlorate), 7199/218.6 (CrVl)
General Chemistry 13 Solids, Alkalinity, EC, TOC, Phenolics, Phosphate,
COD, BOD, pH, CrVl (7196)

Eurofins Calscience continues to add and upgrade instrumentation systems to ensure that the latest innovations in technology are acquired and to increase sample capacity as we continue to grow. Many of the major units are maintained under manufacturer service contracts. In addition, Eurofins Calscience has an instrument maintenance group that is staffed with full-time personnel. We also maintain a large inventory of instrument spares and consumables. Generally, when an instrument does go down, repairs can be achieved in a very timely manner.