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Eurofins Calscience is committed to providing the highest quality environmental analytical services available. To ensure the production of scientifically sound and legally defensible data of a known and proven quality, an extensive Quality Systems Program has been developed and implemented. Quality Systems includes all quality assurance (QA) policies and quality control (QC) procedures that are delineated in a Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) and followed to ensure and document the quality of the analytical data.

Eurofins Calscience is accredited via the California Department of Health Services under both the National Environmental Accreditation Program (NELAP) and Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) as well as other state agencies throughout the United States.

These accreditations contain specific protocols and practices that assure implementation of comprehensive QA policies and the associated QC procedures. These QA policies, which establish essential and specific QC procedures, are applicable to all areas of Eurofins Calscience, regardless of size and complexity.

Eurofins Calscience's Quality System is managed and supervised by a full time Quality Assurance Manager who may issue directives, initiate changes or modifications, specify policies and represent Eurofins Calscience to clients, agencies, regulatory bodies or other external entities. The QA Manager reports directly to the Laboratory Director.

Eurofins Calscience's Quality System incorporates practices, procedures and internal/external evaluations to ensure:

  • Standardization of Processes
  • Deterrence of Improper, Unethical or Illegal Actions
  • Foundations for Standardized Implementation of Other Processes 


Eurofins Calscience participates in a wide variety of system and performance audits conducted by numerous federal and state agencies, as well as through our major clientele. These audits are conducted to verify that analytical data produced conform to industry standards on a routine basis. Eurofins Calscience welcomes our clients to visit and tour our facilities.

System Audits

A System Audit is a qualitative evaluation of the measurement systems utilized at Eurofins Calscience to ensure that Eurofins Calscience has, in place, the necessary facilities, staff, procedures, equipment and instrumentation to generate acceptable data. This type of audit typically involves an on-site inspection of the laboratory facility, operations and interview of personnel by the auditing agency. Results of system audits are available upon request.

Performance Audits

A Performance Audit verifies the ability of Eurofins Calscience to correctly identify and quantitate compounds in blind check samples. This type of audit normally is conducted by the auditing agency through laboratory participation in round robin Performance Evaluation (PE) programs. Examples of current PE program involvement include those offered by commercial suppliers like ERA (WS/WP/SOIL and DMR-QA), or other inter-laboratory studies not required for certification but done to ensure laboratory performance, as well as programs administered by major industries. Outliers in required PE samples are investigated and corrective actions documented and implemented.

The high scores that Eurofins Calscience achieves on performance evaluation studies are indicative of our overall data quality.


For additional information regarding these studies, please contact our Quality Assurance Manager.