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Meet our Executive Team

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Each project you entrust to Eurofins Eaton Analytical is handled by a staff of over 200 that includes Ph.D., Masters, and Bachelors level scientists specializing in chemistry and microbiology. The project management and supervisory staff who oversee your testing bring over 500 years of combined experience in potable water and recycled water analysis and regulatory issues to your assignment.

Bosco Ramirez, President / Laboratory Director
        Phone: 626-386-1114
        Mobile: 626-533-6289
        Email: BoscoRamirez@EurofinsUS.com        

Mr. Bosco Ramirez is President and Laboratory Director for Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc. and is responsible for our overall laboratory operation and performance. Mr. Ramirez will also serve as our corporate officer to sign off on laboratory service agreements. Bosco holds a BS degree in Chemistry (San Jose State University, 1984) and MS in Analytical Chemistry (Governors State University 2000). He has almost 30 years of experience as a senior scientist, quality assurance director, laboratory director, corporate director of operations and VP of Operations. As President, his ultimate responsibility is ensuring the operational efficiency and accuracy of laboratory procedures, cost analysis, overhead control, marketing, and project management across all lab facilities.


Dr. Andrew Eaton, Vice President / Technical Director
        Phone: 626-386-1125
        Email: AndyEaton@EurofinsUS.com      

Dr. Eaton has over 40 years of environmental experience, including over 32 years with Eurofins Eaton Analytical.  He is a Board Certified Environmental Scientist (BCES) and  is a member of the Joint Editorial Board of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, and serves on multiple national, state, and industry committees evaluating data quality. He has served as a co-principle investigator on various water quality research projects and studies of emerging contaminants.


Matthew Hartz, Laboratory Director

        Phone: 574-472-5578
        Email: MatthewHartz@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. Hartz has over 20 years of experience in the environmental testing field and oversees the day-to-day operational and customer service activities, ensuring that adequate resources are available to fulfill the obligations of the Drinking Water Laboratory located in South Bend, IN.

 Linda Geddes  

Linda Geddes, Lab Director / Client Services Division Manager
         Phone: 626-386-1163
         Email: LindaGeddes@EurofinsUS.com

Ms. Geddes has over 30 years of environmental laboratory experience as an analyst, supervisor, and quality assurance officer. She is currently a Senior Project Manager handling bottled water and beverage clients and was key in developing electronic deliverable formats for programs such as UCMR3.


Dr. Yongtao (Bruce) Li, Technical Director
         Phone: 574-472-5562
         Email: YongtaoLi@EurofinsUS.com

Dr. Li earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in analytical chemistry and has over 25 years of experience in water research, specialty testing, treatability testing, and analytical services. He is a recognized scientist and invited critical reviewer of manuscripts for over a dozen of peer-reviewed analytical journals and has authored/coauthored over 30 peer-reviewed research articles, 50 conference publications, and 70 standard operating protocols.

Ali Haghani

Ali Haghani, Research and Development Manager
         Phone: 626-386-1138
         Email: AliHaghani@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. Haghani has over 15 years of experience in metals, GC, GCMS, wet chemistry, and ion chromatography. He has assisted the EPA with method validations on numerous UCMR3 methods and co-authored EPA method 314 for perchlorate. Mr. Haghani is responsible for methods development, training, and instrument troubleshooting throughout the lab. He has developed state of the art methods for EDCs/PPCPs and PFCs.


Nilda Cox, Quality Assurance Manager / Regulatory Consulting Manager
        Phone: 626-386-1170
        Email: NildaCox@EurofinsUS.com          

Ms. Cox is responsible for providing QA assistance to our clients. She has over 25 years of experience in the Quality Control and Quality Assurance fields, has developed QA/QC programs for various municipal entities, and actively participates in the NELAC Institute as a member of the onsite assessment committee.

Bill Reeves

Bill Reeves, Quality Assurance Manager / Facilities Manager
         Phone: 574-472-5568
         Email: WilliamReeves@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. Reeves has over 17 years of environmental laboratory experience. He is responsible for ensuring that all water testing is conducted in strict adherence to Eurofins Eaton Analytical’s Quality Assurance Manual. He performs audits of the laboratory, reviews system documentation for compliance and consistency, and identifies areas for preventive and corrective action. Bill is also experienced in laboratory safety, facilities project management, customer service and vendor relations.