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Meet our Monrovia Staff

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Our sales staff, based throughout the nation, serve as your advocates while bringing technical expertise to their roles.


Bradley Cahoon, West Region Senior Account Manager
Phone: 480-778-1559 / 602-524-0423 (cell)
Email: BradleyCahoon@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. Brad Cahoon has over 25 years’ experience in the environmental laboratory business as a project manager, account manager and regional manager. Mr. Cahoon has been with Eurofins Eaton Analytical since 1998. His accounts include some of the Nation’s largest public water utilities, water engineering firms and state agencies. Mr. Cahoon holds a BS (Arizona State University) in Environmental Resources and an MIM (Thunderbird School of Global Management). He is a member of AWWA, the WateReuse Association and IBWA.
Sales areas: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska


Kevin Calcagno, Northern California Account Manager
Phone: 916-960-7479 (cell)
Email: KevinCalcagno@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. Calcagno has over 25 years of experience in the analytical testing industry and works directly with several technical and regulatory workgroups. Mr. Calcagno holds a BS (Cal Poly SLO, 1990) and has worked with testing laboratories as a sales director, account manager, project manager and client services manager.

Rick Zimmer, Southern California and Pacific Rim Senior Account Manager
Phone: 949-716-7180 / 949-466-8266 (cell)
Email: RickZimmer@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. Zimmer holds both Bachelor's and Master’s degrees and has over 25 years of experience working in the water industry as a Project Manager, Account Manager, Customer Service Manager and Regulatory Specialist.  He presently manages projects for Eurofins’ customers in California, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, the CNMI and Japan.  Rick also serves as Safe Drinking Water Committee Chairman-Elect for the California-Nevada Section of the AWWA, Regulatory Committee Chair for the Sacramento Area Waterworks Association and Water Quality Committee Member for the Association of California Water Agencies.

Client Services

The Client Services Project Managers who interact with you every day have over 100 years of combined potable and wastewater experience.  We focus on having project managers with extensive technical depth so they can help you interpret results, delivering not just analytical results, but information. 


David Tripp, Analytical Services Manager
Phone: 626-386-1158
Email: DavidTripp@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. Tripp has over 30 years of environmental laboratory experience, including 20 years with Eaton Analytical – and the past 8 years as an Analytical Services Manager. His client service experience includes working directly with USEPA, large and small utilities, environmental consultants, and bottled water companies to meet their regulatory monitoring requirements.


Yolanda Martin, Analytical Services Manager
Phone: 626-386-1104
Email: YolandaMartin@EurofinsUS.com

Ms. Martin has over 15 years of experience with Eaton Analytical and served as a GCMS analyst before becoming a project manager.


Debbie Frank, Analytical Services Manager
Phone: 626-386-1149
Email: DebbieFrank@EurofinsUS.com

Ms. Frank has over 25 years experience with Eaton Analytical. She supports clients requiring complex electronic deliverables and international clients.


Tom French, Phoenix Service Center Manager / Analytical Services Manager
Phone: 480-778-1558
Email: TomFrench@EurofinsUS.com

Mr. French has more than 25 years' experience with Eaton Analytical and other environmental testing firms. He is responsible for various statewide and national monitoring program. He also manages our Arizona Service Center.


Shea Greiner, Denver Service Center Manager / Analytical Services Manager
Phone: 303-253-5037
Email: SheaGreiner@EurofinsUS.com

Ms. Greiner has 25 years of experience in the environmental industry with a focus in drinking water. Ms. Greiner manages Eaton Analytical’s Denver Service Center located in Lakewood, CO.


Vanessa Berry

Vanessa Berry, Portland Service Center Manager / Analytical Services Manager
Phone: 503-310-3905
Email: VanessaBerry@EurofinsUS.com

Ms. Berry manages the Portland Service Center located in Beaverton, OR.  At this location she supports local clients with project management, sampling and shipping supplies.  Ms. Berry has over 10 years of experience as an analyst and project manager.