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Quality Assurance

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undefinedEurofins Eaton Analytical’s general Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is modeled after the EPA Lab Certification Manual for Drinking Water Laboratories and the TNI 2009 Lab Standards to meet our TNI accreditation requirements. Our program follows a logical work sequence and employs a number of criteria to reflect our commitment to generating accurate, legally and scientifically defensible compliance data. The QAP is reviewed annually, and includes the following elements:

  • Formalized, validated analytical and operational standard operating procedures
  • Annual demonstrations of capability and method detection limits for all compliance tests
  • Ongoing checks to ensure the use of current and acceptance standards
  • Use of minimum reporting levels that are at or above the lowest calibration standard and also above the method detection limit to help foster a high degree of data accuracy
  • Strict adherence to chain-of-custody procedures and sample documentation
  • Calibration levels that are established at or below federal triggers for increased monitoring
  • Multiple data reviews at the peer, supervisor, independent QA validator and project management levels
  • Use of sophisticated queries for data storage, retrieval, interpretation, control charting and early warning of preliminary results inconsistent with sample history or exceeding regulatory thresholds
  • Data mining and query by location, date or constituent for clients from our LIMS
  • Pre-qualified subcontract laboratories for subcontracted analyses plus contingency for tests performed in-house.

Our comprehensive Ethics and Data Integrity Program is compliant with the Office of Inspector General and includes:

  • Annual Ethics and Data Integrity Training for all employees
  • Signed Ethics, Data Integrity and Conduct Agreement for all employees
  • Periodic, Internal Blind Audits and Monitoring
  • Defined Ethics and Data Integrity Reporting Procedures

Our employees are our most valuable asset - their safety and health our greatest responsibility. It is, therefore, the goal of our firm that every employee be provided a safe and healthful work environment. Laboratory operations differ from industrial operations in their use and handling of hazardous chemicals. Laboratories usually handle large numbers of hazardous chemicals in relatively small amounts. Laboratory work is also generally done by or under the supervision of highly trained personnel. OSHA has recognized the uniqueness of laboratory operations and promulgated a standard that regulates the occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories. In consideration of the OSHA standards, Eurofins has established a comprehensive Chemical Hygiene Program to outline safe working conditions for its employees. It is our desire and intention to provide a safe workplace, safe equipment, proper materials and to establish safe methods and practices at all times. Our CHP meets this goal and is reviewed and updated annually to maintain its relevance for our organization.