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Our Experience - PFC Testing in Water

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Our Experience

Eurofins Eaton Analytical has analyzed over 10,000 samples from approximately 1800 public water system customers during the 2013-2015 UCMR3 monitoring period. In response to the EPA issued Health Advisories for PFOS and PFOA, we are analyzing over 1,000 samples per month for several projects, including: 

Public Water Systems

Based on UCMR3 data for PFCs, approximately 1.3% of public water systems (65) had entry point samples that exceeded the Health Advisories for PFOS and/or PFOA. Many of these same utilities either used or have selected Eurofins Eaton Analytical to perform their post-UCMR3 monitoring to confirm concentrations for both entry point and well samples.

PFOS-PFOA has been detected at 5 ng/L in 37 states and territories

United States Military

All military installations in the United States and abroad have undertaken a data gathering effort to determine PFC concentrations in owned or purchased water sources. Eurofins Eaton Analytical has existing contracts to support international troop locations and we have analyzed close to 5000 samples from abroad. We are also actively working with locations within the United States and its territories to provide PFC testing and are presently working with more than 50 base locations.

Private Consulting Firms

In response to very high PFC concentrations in water systems serving communities in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, Eurofins Eaton Analytical has been contracted to provide source and post-treatment analysis of more than 2,000 samples for PFCs to verify removal efficiency of home treatment units. Our analytical work supporting consultants has also extended to New Jersey where Eurofins Eaton Analytical is contracted to perform testing in collaboration with Federal & State investigators evaluating contamination impacts on local public water systems.

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