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Eurofins Eaton Analytical is certified in multiple states for radiochemistry, and was one of the first labs in the country to be approved for analysis of Uranium by EPA 200.8, a low cost high sensitivity method for uranium. With the addition of a high resolution gamma counter, Eurofins Eaton Analytical has comprehensive capabilities for both Radium-226 and Radium-228 using state of the art drinking water approved methods via gamma counter (Georgia Method). We bring over 20 years of radon analysis experience to the job. Eurofins Eaton Analytical has analyzed thousands of samples using the approved technique (Standard Methods 7500RN) to evaluate potential compliance status.

radioactivity.jpgOur services include:

  • Gross Alpha/Beta
  • Radium (Alpha)
  • Radium 226
  • Radium 228
  • Radon
  • Tritium
  • Uranium