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Eurofins Environment Testing New England Web Portal

Each laboratory in our network has their own eServices portal. Login to download your reports in PDF and EDD format to review data and compare it to your applicable State regulatory and action limits. eServices also allows you to:

  • Order sample container kits and sampling supplies
  • Customize and print project specific chain-of-custody forms and sample container labels
  • Schedule pickups
  • Request rush analysis
  • Request price quotes

Eurofins Environment Testing New England eServices

Agawam, MA

Tampa, FL
Results, Reports, EDDs

North Kingstown, RI
Results, Reports, EDDs

Eurofins Environment Testing New England provides long term, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for your data management needs. We offer advanced network and database technologies developed and maintained by our IT professionals.

Eurofins Environment Testing New England's eServices offers immediate reporting of results. Once the final report is approved an e-mail notification is sent with a link to our secure web site. Here, the end user can download and print analytical data in PDF format. eServices offers access to final reports, sample receipt notification, chain-of-custody confirmations posted the day that samples are logged in, invoices and Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs).


Electronic deliverables have become the industry standard for managing data and been adopted by many large firms and environmental agencies. Companies utilizing electronic deliverables have experienced the immense savings in both time and money that is made possible by real-time data management.

Eurofins Environment Testing New England can provide EDDs in any format requested: Text, XML, or Excel. We routinely provide over 100 different "flavors" of EDDs to our clients including AFCEE ERPIMS DLH v5.0 (ERPMS X), formats for NAVY, Army Corps of Engineers, and other government agencies. Because our Data Management Systems capture all analytical data we can provide EDDs with any depth of information requested. We routinely provide EDDs validated through external validators like ADR, ADAPT, EQUIS and EPA CLP EXES.

CAL-Trans Microsoft Excel
COELT 1.2a PDF (scanned image of report)
DOD                                    Text - comma-delimited fields
EQUIS Text - fixed-width fields
ERPIMS X Text - tab-delimited fields
Microsoft Access ...and many more

Eurofins Environment Testing New England's standard deliverable includes a PDF version of the report and the EDD format specified for your project; CDs can be provided if required. Our web site enables clients to track their projects in real time and download Project Tracking Reports in the specific formats required by regulatory agencies.

CT DEP Data Quality Assessment Spreadsheets

Eurofins Environment Testing New England also offers a Data Quality Assessment (DQA) spreadsheet as outlined by CT DEP to aid in the ongoing evaluation of your projects. The DQA spreadsheet evaluates all deliverable and non-deliverable quality control parameters within the RCP program and displays any non-conformances.

DQA Spreadsheet Example