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Sample Guidelines and Forms

Sample container requests can be submitted electronically using eServices. This service also provides electronic confirmations of your request. You may sign-up for a new online account if you do not have an existing one.

Sample Integrity

Eurofins Environment Testing New England is committed to maintaining the integrity of all samples submitted for laboratory analyses. Eurofins has a set criterion that all samples must pass in order to be considered to be of satisfactory condition. The Sample Department will notify the client of any samples that may be considered to be of unsatisfactory condition and analysis will be conducted only with the written authorization from the client.

Collection of Samples in Duplicate

The collection of a sample in duplicate is requested when submitting a series of 10 or more samples per Chain of Custody. Collecting double the volume of aqueous samples will enable us to perform additional quality control procedures in the laboratory. This practice may also be utilized when submitting samples for a project requiring additional quality control information. Please contact us for more details on when collecting additional volume is recommended.

Cooling of Samples

Most test methods samples must be chilled to <6oC immediately following collection and packed with a sufficient amount of ice to maintain that temperature until receipt at laboratory facility. EPA protocols do not allow the use of ice packs or ice substitutes because they are unable to reach a cold enough temperature.

Laboratories are required to maintain a record of sample temperature as received. Eurofins Environment Testing New England utilizes infrared temperature recorder to monitor temperature when samples are picked up from a client location or dropped off at our laboratory. A notation of the temperature is made on the Chain of Custody and samples received on ice will be noted as such. A confirmatory temperature check is done upon receipt at the laboratory when couriers have picked up samples from a client location to ensure the cooling process was maintained during transport.

Sampling Guidelines

The following documents detail Eurofins Environment Testing New England's policies for sample collection and handling. Please note that these procedures may be subject to change at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Sample Acceptance Policy on Proper Sample Documentation
Recommended Containers, Preservation, Storage and Holding Times
Air Sampling Instructions Using Summa Canisters
Sample Collection Techniques for VOC Soils
Dechlorination of Drinking Water Samples
Wipe Sampling Procedure for PCBs
Packaging and Shipping of Environmental Samples
Regulatory Limits for PAHs

Sampling Forms

North Kingstown Chain of Custody (Excel)
Agawam Chain of Custody
CT PWS Chain of Custody (Excel)
MA PWS Chain of Custody (Excel)

Credit Application 2018 (Word)