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Ambient Air Metals Monitoring

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Atmospheric Deposition - Mercury and Trace Metals

Mercury and metals are emitted into the air from both natural and anthropogenic sources.  In turn, these metals can be transported long distances and eventually fall out of the atmosphere through dry deposition or washed out of the atmosphere in rainwater (wet deposition).  Monitoring mercury and metals in wet deposition is an important way of determining critical inputs of toxics metals into aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.  Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences measures mercury and metals in wet deposition across nearly 120 monitoring stations through 7 day integrated weekly samples. 

Methods Supported Currently

  • Measure Mercury In Wet Deposition - EPA 1631Mod Mercury in Wet/Dry Deposition
  • Measure Methyl Hg In Wet Deposition - EPA 1630Mod Methyl Mercury in Wet Deposition
  • EPA 1638Mod Trace Metals in Wet Deposition
  • EPA I0-5Mod - Sampling and Analysis for Atmospheric Mercury
  • NIOSH 6009Mod – Indoor Air Mercury
  • EPA I0-3.5Mod - Determination or Metals in Ambient Particulate Matter

Mercury Deposition Network

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences has been the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) - Mercury Deposition Network (MDN), Mercury Analytical Laboratory and Network Operations Center for the NADP MDN since the program began back in 1994. Today The MDN is the largest, standardized, monitoring network in place for measuring Hg in wet deposition in the world.