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Cement Kilns

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Cement KilnIndustries across the country are coming under increasing pressure at the federal, state, and local level to strictly control the amount of mercury released into the environment. Mercury emissions controls are being installed to meet upcoming mercury regulations and new regulations are poised to strictly forbid the re-emission of mercury and other metals from materials generated from these processes.

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences has been the leader in trace element analysis for well over two decades.

Supported Cement Matrices:

  • Micro-Lime Slurry (Solid Fraction)
  • Micro-Lime Slurry (Liquid Fraction)
  • Raw Material Feed Fix (Solid)
  • Clinker Solid
  • Coal before Mill
  • Coal after Mill
  • Cement Kiln Dust
  • Conditioning Tower Water

Frontier’s low-level mercury detection methods have been able to measure and demonstrate, with high-level quality assurance, whether these materials are in fact low or high in mercury.