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Waste Incinerators

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The effluents and emissions of many industrial processes often contain levels of trace metals, of which many must be monitored prior to discharge to the environment. Mercury is a particular concern in this regard, because it occurs in a variety of chemical forms or species, which differ widely in their chemical and physical properties, and because one of the more common mercury species, methyl mercury, is a persistent bioaccumulated nerve toxin.

Industries that practice incineration need to have a complete understanding of the actual emissions of mercury from their incinerators and the methods for controlling those emissions in order to effectively respond to any proposed or new requirements.

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences has developed robust, reliable and cost-effective analytical techniques to measure mercury emissions. We have also developed mercury emissions speciation measurements to allow our clients to better understand and characterize their emissions for effective mercury control applications.

Whether you need to precisely measure your mercury emissions or waste source, understand your emitted mercury species, or perform a mercury mass balance of your facility, Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences has the tools and experience to support you.