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Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Utilities

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Municipal utilities and industrial water generators are required to meet specific water quality standards for the wastewater they discharge. Evolving regulatory restrictions and increased public awareness of the environment create the need for experienced environmental scientists who can provide industrial and municipal facilities with long-term monitoring and treatment optimization.

For more than two decades, Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences has been a pioneer in developing and popularizing ultraclean sampling techniques for environmental trace metals research and monitoring. The methods we use to monitor trace elements provide our clients with accurate information about the concentrations in their samples; avoiding the potential for false positives or negatives, which can lead to unwarranted treatment costs or mask potential problems that may be costly to correct later. Originally designed primarily for ambient water research, these ultraclean methodologies are used today extensively for monitoring wastewater treatment discharges in support of NPDES permits.

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences has also developed specialized analytical methods for Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) wastewater, refinery sour water, wastewater discharge into groundwater and saline water and speciation methods, which allow our clients to more effectively troubleshoot their treatment systems. In addition, our ISO 17025-accreditation offers clients the highest level of reassurance that all data and recommendations can be traced back through an unbroken chain of data.