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NPDES Permit Services

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In 1987, Amendments to the Clean Water Act (CWA) began requiring states to adopt criteria for all substances listed as priority pollutants. Furthermore, the amended CWA also requires states to identify waters that are affected by toxic substances and to develop individual control strategies for point sources contributing toxicants to these waters.

The National Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program, implemented in 1972, evolved from the 1987 amendments to the CWA. It is intended to protect the quality of receiving waters by requiring that all facilities discharging pollutants from any point source into surface waters obtain an NPDES permit. As a result of this legislation, industrial facilities and municipal utilities are faced with specific requirements to meet water quality standards for all wastewater discharges.

Since 1991, Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences has been helping clients meet the challenges of NPDES permit compliance. We specialize in progressive research on the sources, fate and effects of toxic trace metals in the environment and provide long-term monitoring and treatment optimization of trace metals in municipal and industrial wastewater.

We bring clients a unique understanding of EPA methods stemming from our involvement with EPA authoring and validating the majority of EPA’s 1600 series analytical methods for the determination of ultralow trace metals in various media. In addition, our ISO 17025-accreditation assures clients of the consistency and accuracy of their results.