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myEOL Online Data Access

Sidebar Image, our innovative online data access tool, offers you a timely and secure window to comprehensive laboratory information as your project progresses.

Our easy-to-use online setup allows you to register for a myEOL account and begin viewing data quickly. You can view extensive, live project information such as submitted samples, chains of custody, sample receipts, document logs, final reports and invoices. myEOL also allows you to configure your personal home page to view the reports and documents you access the most. Sample information including scheduled analyses is available for viewing the minute they are entered into our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). myEOL can be accessed 24/7, anytime you have an internet connection.

Features of myEOL Include:

Analysis Information and Resources

  • Analysis Reports with Quality Control Data
  • Chains of Custody
  • Cooler Receipt Log
  • EDDs and Data Packages
  • Real-Time Access to Final Verified Analysis Results
  • Historical Data Query
  • Ability to Output Data to Excel

Project Setup

  • Request a Quotation
  • Schedule a Pickup from Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Courier Network
  • Request Sample Containers

Finding Your Data
myEOL allows you to search and sort your data using one or multiple variables:

  • Account Number
  • Project Name or Number
  • Sample Submittal Dates
  • Sample Number
  • Group Number
  • Data Package SDG Code

Your data is protected with multiple layer security on myEOL. Each User ID and Password is tied to a live contact in our LIMS so you can be sure only actual data users have access.

Accessing myEOL

Click here to access

Setting up an account is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Go to and select “REQUEST AN ACCOUNT.”
2. Type in the business email address that we have on file.
3. Follow the email link to create your User ID and Password.

You must have a valid business email address on file in Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories LIMS as either a data reporting, invoicing or bottle delivery contact.

Electronic Data Deliverables and Data Packages

Our Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) generation and quality control process provides you with the assurance that the data is complete, correct and consistent with your hard copy analytical report. We support more than 200 formas including Federal/DoD, Regulatory, CA EDF (GeoTracker), NJDEP SRP and commercial formats like EQuIS.

Our single-source, LIMS relational database enables us to generate your EDD, using your specific reference value file (RVF) and review it with electronic data checkers so that you receive your requested dataset that consistently loads correctly the very first time.

Our data reporting system will report analytical results with information you need to meet regulatory guidelines whether you’re collecting samples for Superfund, RCRA, UST, state or commercial programs. Electronic reports are generated with laboratory signatures in PDF and/or Excel format and are emailed with the chain of custody to keep your record management simple.

We offer a wide range of data packages to meet your reporting and data validation needs with several state-specific formats, including NJ, NY, MA, CT and TX. All packages are paginated and scanned into Adobe PDF format and can be burned onto a CD. Each PDF file is also bookmarked with each section listed in the table of contents.

Custom Formats Available Formats Agency-Specific Formats
Text Delimited or Fixed Length ADR/ADaPT (LDC) 2DM (Delaware)
ASCII Files Enfos ASP
MS Access (.mdb) or Excel (.xls) Envirodata CA EDF (GeoTracker)
Raw Data Envista EDMAN/EQuIS (EPA Regions 5 and 3)
Full Level 3 and Level 4 validation packages EQuIS ERIS
Client-specific formats ERPIMS (AFCEE) EXES
DoD OSM formats GIS/Key MAMCP
  Locus EIM MEED/EQuIS (EPA Regions 2 and WVDEP)
  Scribe RCP
  Terradata SEDD
  TRRP Commander TRRP-13