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Courier and Sample Pickup Services

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We provide courier and pack-and-ship services across the United States. With a fleet of 14 vehicles, we will pick up your samples, pack them in coolers and ice and expeditiously transport them to our laboratory for analysis within the required hold time. All of our couriers are trained in sample handling, sampling transport and chain-of-custody (COC) procedures. In addition, each pack-and-ship location maintains an emergency supply of coolers, COCs, bottles and packing materials.

We provide our customers with flexible and safe sample pickup and shipping solutions. Our cost-effective Sample Courier and Pack-and-ship Services save valuable time in getting your samples to our facilities.

To arrange for a sample pickup, please call your project manager at 717-656-2300.

Why Choose Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental?

  • We guarantee same-day delivery if it is within our Same-Day service route.
  • Our couriers can help save you time by packing your samples for transport. Having our couriers as the only ones handling your samples also simplifies chain-of-custody procedures.
  • Our couriers will do whatever it takes to satisfy the demands of your project. We can accommodate pickups outside of our regular pickup routes and time schedules. If needed, we can ship coolers and bottles to you in advance, or we can have our courier leave them for you.
  • We have a number of different sized cars and vans to accommodate your needs.
  • Should you forget to call in advance and need your samples picked up in a hurry, our company vehicles are all equipped with phones so we can communicate any last-minute changes to the couriers. If you are on an established schedule, there is no need to remind us, our courier will be there.
  • Shipping samples is a more time sensitive, streamlined, and safe process through our National Pack and Ship Services.  

Please note that courier service will not be available on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.