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Working with Us

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Project Management

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental innovative, feedback-driven approach to project management gives you a single point of contact for your project. Your project manager works with you on all aspects of your project, providing complete continuity from a quote through the final report.

Your project manager will:

  • Arrange for audit and facility visits.
  • Assist in starting your relationship with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental by setting up your account, compiling all your project details, arranging for sample pickup for those within our pickup areas or providing guidance on shipping samples for those outside our pickup range.
  • Communicate your project requirements to the technical and support staff through a formal project kick-off meeting and coordinate on-going project communications to relay any new information, allow technical staff to ask questions and seek clarification as your project progresses.
  • Instruct our sample entry group on sample handling and specific log-in procedures when your samples arrive and review sample entry in the LIMS for accuracy, comparing it to your chain-of-custody or request form.
  • Assist in coordinating any communications you need with our technical staff.
  • Respond to any questions or concerns you have and alert you to any issues that may arise throughout your project.
  • Inform you of sample reporting status.

Why Choose Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental?

With Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental, you get:

  • A streamlined approach to working with us, ensuring you’ll receive consistent communication and complete knowledge of project status.
  • Timely resolution of service issues through a weekly report to our management team who will initiate any necessary corrective action immediately.
  • A formal conduit for customers to provide feedback on their service experience with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental and suggest new service options through a yearly Client Satisfaction Survey. Customers who express service concerns receive prompt follow-up by the director of project management.

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