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Low-Level Mercury

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Mercury levels are being scrutinized to levels never before possible. With careful planning and specialized techniques, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental is able to obtain mercury concentrations in the sub parts per trillion by utilizing EPA Method 1631, Revision E.

Used for the determination of mercury in unfiltered water by oxidation, purge and trap, desorption and cold-vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry (CVASF), this method is also offered for the determination of low-level mercury in aqueous samples ranging from groundwater to sewage effluent.

One of the most challenging aspects of low-level mercury analysis is to control sample contamination during collection, shipping and analysis. To limit contamination during analysis, we have developed a custom system enclosure that allows air to circulate through HEPA filters.

Why Choose Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental?

  • We have stringent internal quality standards providing the highest level of data quality available.
  • Through the use of a custom-developed system enclosure, we can control sample contamination during collection, shipping and analysis.
  • We can provide lower detection limits and have in-depth expertise in running low-level techniques such as cold-vapor atomic fluorescence using all of the latest advances for removing interferences.
  • We hold NELAP accreditation for the analysis of low-level mercury, and we are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation.