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Metals Analysis

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Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental covers the full scope of your metals testing needs, with services for drinking water, wastewater, various samples matrices including sediments and tissues. We offer multiple analysis techniques to meet the limits required by regulators including ICP, ICP/MS, Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption and Fluorescence.

Testing available:

  • ICP 200.7/6010
  • ICP/MS 200.8/6020
  • CVAA Mercury 7470/7471
  • Low-Level Mercury

Why Choose Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental?

  • We can provide lower detection limits in difficult matrices and have in-depth expertise in running low-level techniques such as ICP/MS and Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence using all of the latest advances for removing interferences
  • We offer collision reaction cell technology
  • Our extensive instrument capacity allows us to handle large-scale projects and provide faster turnaround times.

Instrumentation used:

  • ICP
  • ICP/MS
  • CVAA Mercury Analyzers (CVAA)
  • UVF Low Level Mercury Analyzer (UVF)