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Audits, Assessments & Proficiency Testing

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Regularly scheduled audits and assessments of the Eurofins QC operation are conducted by regulatory authorities and by internal Eurofins QC quality assurance staff. All audits and assessments are designed to evaluate Eurofins QC's compliance with established regulations, regulatory accreditation requirements, internal quality system specifications and method procedures. The findings from all audits and assessments are used to perform corrective action resulting in quality improvement.

Audits and assessments conducted by regulatory authorities are used to evaluate Eurofins QC's continued qualification for accreditation. Internal assessments are used to evaluate compliance with the Eurofins QC quality system and methodological SOPs. In either case, findings are addressed from a corrective action perspective and monitored to assure a permanent solution to the finding. The correct and complete implementation of the programs described in Eurofins QC's Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP) is confirmed periodically by federal and state auditors as well as outside clients. In addition, internal audits and assessments are conducted periodically of all analytical systems by the Quality Assurance Laboratory. Findings and recommendations of each internal audit are documented and reported to the appropriate Laboratory Manager(s) and the Laboratory Director. These findings are used to make Corrective and Preventive Actions.

Eurofins QC participates in proficiency testing programs at a frequency required to maintain the accreditations by the NELAP states and non-NELAP states and other regulatory agencies. Successful participation in these programs is required maintain accreditation, and traditionally, Eurofins QC has been performing acceptably in over 98% of the tests on a regular basis.