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Toxicity Testing Services

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  • Acute and chronic Testing with fresh and saltwater organisms
  • Static capabilities
  • Water Effect Ratio Studies
  • Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIE's)
  • Toxicity Reduction Evaluations (TRE's)
  • Controlled Substance Testing
  • In-house cultures for Ceriodaphnia dubia and Pimephales promelas

Methods for Routine Aquatic Toxicology Testing

Species Method
Pimephales promelas (Fathead Minnow) EPA 1000.0, 2000.0
Ceriodaphnia dubia (Water Flea) EPA 1002.0, 2002.0
Mysidopsis bahia (Mysid Shrimp) EPA 1007.0, 2007.0
Cyprinodon variegatus (Sheepshead Minnow) EPA 1004.0, 2004.0
Mendidia beryllina (Inland Silverside) EPA 1006.0, 2006.0

*other non-routine methods available by request