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Courier Services/Sample Collection

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Eurofins QC's Courier and Field Services department provides sample pick-up, bottle delivery and routine sampling services within a 200 mile radius of the laboratory. Field Technicians assigned to Eurofins QC's satellite offices enable the company to provide service coverage throughout all of New Jersey and Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New York, Maryland, Virginia.

Eurofins QC Technicians provide service to a wide range of clients including private residents, general commercial establishments, industrial facilities and municipalities. Sample container delivery, sample collection and sample pick-up are among the range of services provided by Eurofins QC couriers.

Eurofins QC technical professionals specialize in the collection of drinking water samples, wastewater samples, groundwater samples, including monitoring wells, recreational water samples (pools, spas and lakes), frozen dessert samples and dairy samples. The staff is also qualified to perform on-site analysis for parameters defined as "analyze immediately" which includes pH, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen and specific conductivity. Additional field tests are available by request. Individual field technicians hold accreditation to perform dairy sample collection and frozen dessert sample collection from the State of Pennsylvania. Eurofins QC holds Private Well Testing Act accreditation from the State of New Jersey.