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Residential Services

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Eurofins QC provides sampling and analysis services to homeowners in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania for potable water wells, private drinking water sources and wastewater streams in compliance with state and local regulatory requirements. Services are routinely provided to residential homeowners, home inspectors, water filtration/treatment suppliers, realtors, home builders, well drillers and real estate development companies.

Eurofins QC also provides on-site sampling and courier services from client locations. Client collected samples can also be delivered directly to Eurofins QC or to any of the Eurofins QC satellite offices. Eurofins QC client services representatives provide sampling, sample handling and preservation instructions to clients depending on their sampling choice.

Eurofins QC can conduct analyses to meet all homeowner needs. These include New Jersey's Private Well Testing Act (PWTA), bank loan requirements, new well analysis, routine county/state sampling/analysis requirements, and home inspection analysis. Sampling and analyses are conducted in strict confidence. All data is treated confidentially and is not released to any outside agencies or individuals unless required by regulation or as directed by the client.

Contact a Eurofins QC client services representative for your sampling and analysis needs or to discuss a customized sampling and analysis program.