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New Jersey Private Well Testing

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The New Jersey Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) is a consumer information law that requires sellers (or buyers) of property with wells in NJ to test untreated ground water for a variety of water quality parameters, including 32 of human health concern, and to review the test results prior to closing of title.

Eurofins QC is a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) PWTA accredited laboratory, which includes certification to conduct on-site field sampling activities in addition to the analysis required to comply with the requirements of the act. Upon completion of the sample analysis, Eurofins QC provides clients with the results of the analysis in the format specified by NJDEP. Eurofins QC simultaneously enters sample data into the NJDEP E2 database. The report includes the results of the tests compared with the applicable PWTA standards. Specific instructions on corrective action remedies are provided in cases where the standard has been exceeded.

Testing is conducted with complete confidentiality. Well test data is only conveyed to NJDEP, requesting local health authorities, persons authorized in writing by the client to receive the report and courts of valid jurisdiction.