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Swimming Pools - Recreational Bathing Facilities

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Eurofins QC provides sampling and analysis services to commercial recreational water clients who are required to demonstrate compliance with state and county health department requirements for recreational bathing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Services are provided to hotels, motels, private swim clubs, municipal pools and commercial pool management companies.

Eurofins QC performs on-site sampling and in-site monitoring of pH and disinfectants. Samples collected for microbiological analysis are transported to a conveniently located Eurofins QC facility for immediate analysis. Non-compliant microbiological data is promptly reported to the client and the appropriate regulatory authority enabling rapid corrective action to bring the affected water into compliance. Each Eurofins QC facility is accredited to state specific requirements and staffed to provide the courier sampling and analysis services required to assure your bathing facility remains in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.