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Quality Program

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Reliability of any sample data is measured in terms of precision in executing the methodology, the accuracy of surrogate and method-spike recovery, and the reproduceability of duplicate analyses. The data generated by Eurofins Spectrum Analytical must minimally pass all method-specific criteria established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NELAC and each State where certifications are held.  In situations where no criteria have been established, Eurofins Spectrum Analytical has implemented in-house data quality objectives to ensure reliable data is published.

To this end, Eurofins Spectrum Analytical has developed a company-wide Quality Assurance Program (QAP).  With strict adherence to good laboratory practices, peer review of data, and a streamlined operational process, Eurofins Spectrum Analytical ensures its clients will receive consistently reliable data with each sample submittal.

If you need additional information regarding Eurofins Spectrum Analytical's Quality Assurance Program, please contact Kimberly LaPlante, our QA Manager.