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Eurofins Spectrum Analytical's successful business philosophy is based on three criteria: internal employee support, client support and satisfaction, and quality data.

Internal Employee Support

Eurofins Spectrum Analytical's commitment extends not only externally to its clients and community, but also internally to support our employees. This commitment focuses on communication and has resulted in the formation of policies for performance and resources for employees. These policies enforce implementation of the quality assurance plan and correct deficiencies that may develop, without jeopardizing the quality of services. This commitment ensures unnecessary pressures are not added to the already existing demands that employees of Eurofins Spectrum Analytical face to provide quality work.

Client Support

Eurofins Spectrum Analytical is committed to providing its clients with prompt, reliable results at competitive prices. The commitment to support our clients can be demonstrated through the services listed below:

  • Rush service is always available and may be coordinated through the use of our Rush Analysis Request Form in eServices. Please ensure that a rush analysis request be sent in advance of sample submittal. This communication will help us prepare for your samples and assure you of the turn around time.

  • Pre-cleaned, pre-preserved sample containers are supplied at no cost provided they return for laboratory analyses. Please allow a minimum of 48 business hours notice to prepare and process your request. Requisitions may be completed online through our web site. Eurofins Spectrum Analytical will ship sample containers to your office at no additional charge provided sufficient notice is given for sample kit preparation and shipping or delivery. Additional notice is required for certified low-level air media.

  • Sample pick-up and container delivery from office and site locations.

  • Eurofins Spectrum Analytical provides analysis of trip and reagent blanks (VOCs and Gasoline Range Organics [GRO] only) and site-specific MS/MSD free of charge.

  • Data is delivered electronically at no additional charge. A specific EDD format can be provided, however this should be noted on the chain of custody along with a valid e-mail address.

  • All laboratory reports will be posted online and will be securely accessible 24/7 through our eServices page. All laboratory reports are posted online in pdf and other EDD formats as requested. An electronic notice is sent to the project manager listed on the Chain of Custody once the laboratory report is available.

  • Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) files are automatically generated by our LIMS, and can be used to import results into your own software and data management applications. Several EDD formats are available and Eurofins Spectrum Analytical is happy to work with clients to provide customized EDD formats.