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CLP Program

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Eurofins Spectrum Analytical in North Kingstown, RI has been an active participant in the EPA CLP program for over a decade. Eurofins Spectrum Analytical's North Kingstown Lab is consistently ranked one of the best laboratories in the program by EPA contracted auditors and quarterly blind proficiency test studies.  

The primary service of this program is to provide analytical data of known and documented quality to government agencies and tribal communities. CLP laboratories must meet stringent requirements and standards for equipment, personnel, laboratory practices, and analytical and Quality Control (QC) operations.

CLP data is used to define the nature and extent of contamination at Superfund sites, determine appropriate cleanup actions, determine emergency response and remedial actions, and enforce litigation activities. The data may be used in all stages of hazardous waste site investigations including site inspections, Hazardous Ranking System (HRS) scoring, remedial design and investigation, and feasibility studies.