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Full Data Package Reports

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Eurofins Spectrum Analytical specializes in the production of full data package deliverable format lab reports. These include:

  • NY ASP-A or ASP-B reports
  • NJ Reduced or NJ Full
  • Level IV
  • DoD Level IV

Using sophisticated software systems, key portions of which were developed by in-house programmers, Eurofins Spectrum Analytical can assemble and produce true paperless data packages in fully searchable PDF format. No data is re-entered into secondary data package forms generation systems, all forms are generated using the primary lab database. Without the time consuming re-entry of analysis data into multiple data systems, the potential for errors is greatly reduced, and electronic data deliverables (EDD) files exactly match the hard copy report.

The RI laboratory of Eurofins Spectrum Analytical has been a contract laboratory under the EPA Contract Lab Program (CLP) continuously since the mid 1990s, and has developed specialized systems for production of full data package deliverables reports.

Since Eurofins Spectrum Analytical is an EPA CLP contractor, data package reports are produced using the exact format and order of data elements that third party data validators expect to see. This provides a significant advantage over CLP-like data packages, where the validator may waste considerable time confirming that all required data elements are present, and calculated properly. Eurofins Spectrum Analytical procedures undergo frequent audits by EPA and contractor personnel to verify the proper functioning of these data handling and reporting systems.