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Government Agencies

Government agencies and programs, such as the Department of Defense (DoD), State Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP), Department of Energy (DOE) State Departments of Health (DOH) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have a broad range of testing needs. Eurofins Environment Testing supports these programs with site remediation testing services, groundwater monitoring, sediment analysis and emergency response services, as well as common analyses involving wet chemistry, elemental analysis, volatile and semi volatile organics, explosives, dioxins and furans, perchlorate and nitroaromatics analysis.

Governmental agencies often require specific certification requirements, as well as specialized quality control for analytical methodology, specialized data reporting capabilities and strict guidelines for documentation for billing, reporting and administration.

Government clients value our gold standard for data quality and capacity to manage large volumes of samples, as well as our flexible and customizable LIMS and IT systems that can be altered to meet the specific testing, reporting and data delivery needs required when working with government agencies.